Fit to fly COVID-19 RT PCR Test.

COVID-19 has become a global crisis that is catastrophic in many sectors, especially in the air traveling sector. Hence, airline companies should ensure that they are prepared to prevent the spread of the virus and, most importantly, ensure their client’s and workforce’s protection. To curb the spread of COVID-19, airline companies and countries require a negative RT-PCR test for travellers traveling to or from foreign countries.

Travellers and the airline’s workforce should not forget to strictly adhere to the following guidelines; always sanitising, toughly washing hands, and avoid touching the face after using surfaces.

You can obtain a test by ordering the COVID RT-PCR home testing kit. The self swab test instructions are given with the kit and results are given as quick as 8 hours from the receipt of your sample.

Sample collection.

The sample required for testing COVID-19 is collected through a long swab, inserted into the back of the mouth and nose. The sample collection process takes a short amount of time and is painless.

Where is my sample tested?

Fit For flying has partnered with two of the best UK laboratories that have the capacity to handle large volumes seamlessly. These laboratories are UKAS approved. The test results are sent to your via email. We operate 7 days a week and so do both of our laboratories.


The COVID-19 test results will be ready within 8, 12 or 24 hours from the receipt of your completed test, depending on which service you selected when purchasing. We offer free postage via the Royal Mail 24 Tracked service. Royal Mail do not deliver on a Sunday; therefore, passengers travelling on a Monday or Tuesday should be mindful of timings and contact us if a special courier service is required.

Quality assurance.

With the correct sampling technique, Fit For Flying guarantees a 99.9% accuracy of the results. Please ensure you follow the sample collection instructions carefully.

What should I do after purchasing my PCR test kit?

Please read the instructions and follow the steps accordingly. Then collect your samples and send them to our laboratory for analysis. For more information please visit:



Fit to fly certificate: United Kingdom.

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, international travel has been significantly restricted. The United Kingdom and many countries continue to allow international travel, however strict guidelines have been put inlace and should be adhered to. For many countries, travellers must provide a fit-to-fly certificate to travel. 

What is a fit to fly certificate?

This is a medical certificate that shows that an individual is fit to fly. There are many tests that doctors conduct to give an individual a fit to fly certificate. But it should be noted that here, at Fit For Flying, we issue a fit to fly certificate for individuals who test negative for COVID-19 on the basis of self-swab test conducted through our RT-PCR home kit.

 How long is your COVID-19 fit for fly certificate valid for?

The COVID-19 fit to fly certificate is only valid for a short time. The validity of this certificate is determined by the airline and the country or state an individual wants to travel to. Hence, one needs to check the requirements of different airlines and countries. 

It should be noted that most countries require foreign travellers to present a fit to fly certificate that confirms them eligible to fly. The fit to fly certificate must indicate that the customer has taken an RT PCR test and the result was negative. 

Additionally, most countries' and airlines' regulations dictate that the fit to fly test must take place within 72 hours of departure. Please check with your airline and destination country before you administer your test, they will have a set timing requirement.

Where can I get a fit to fly COVID-19 certificate?

You can order your COVID-19 swab test, which includes the laboratory analysis and fit to fly COVID-19 certificate, online. 





We would recommend following Public Health England advice on how to complete the test, you can find a video demonstration here. The test kit you receive will be similar to the one in the video.